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Bluegrass Conservancy and Limestone Land Trust Announce Merger

Bluegrass Conservancy and Limestone Land Trust Announce Merger

Bluegrass Conservancy and Limestone Land Trust announced today that they have merged to create the largest regional, accredited land trust in Kentucky. The decision was made by vote of the Board of Directors for each organization. The merger became effective on December 15, 2016. The now joined Board of Directors is working together and exploring options for the name of the newly formed entity.

The combined organization spans Kentucky’s two most populated metropolitan areas, covering Kentucky’s signature industries as well as farmland in the Commonwealth, with over 25,500 acres of land already protected. The merger will help protect the Bluegrass region for current and future generations, with a focus on protecting lands with prime farmland soils, scenic open space, water resources, natural areas, rural heritage, and agricultural viability.

“By merging the history and resources of these amazing organizations, we will increase land conservation by expanding our geographic footprint across the state, garner greater support by leveraging the staff’s expertise, and we’ll have a stronger voice for land conservation throughout the Commonwealth,” said Elizabeth Buxton, Executive Director of Bluegrass Conservancy. “Kentuckians with a passion for land conservation are united with a shared dedication to protecting the natural and cultural landscape that defines our Bluegrass region.”

Bluegrass Conservancy was formed over 20 years ago when a concerned group of land owners spearheaded its creation. Since its inception, Bluegrass Conservancy has matured into an established and trusted organization, becoming the first accredited land trust in Kentucky, and, to-date, has permanently protected an astounding 25,624 acres of Bluegrass lands.

Limestone Land Trust has broad and deep connections in Louisville and surrounding counties and in a few short years has quickly gained notice of land owners and conservation enthusiasts in the region.

The newly formed board is comprised of leaders from each organization, including the following members: Helen Alexander, Ned Bonnie, Lendy Brown, Warner Brown, Michael Burns, Laurel Catto, Brutus Clay, Robert Clay, Lee Droppleman, John Egan, Luke Fallon, Peek Garlington, III, Margaret Graves, Russell Gray, Boo Hardy, Hoppy Henton, Libby Jones, Betty Kenan, Mary Lowry, Boyce Martin, III, Connie Jo Miller, W. Austin Musselman, Jr., Maegan F. Nicholson, Michael Potapov, Steve Ragan, Nancy Theiss, Miriam Tinnell, Joel B. Turner, Steve Wilson, and Katie Martin, Ex-Officio Friends of Bluegrass Conservancy Chair.